Poster session

Tag Reading and Writing using a SDR UHF RFID Reader
Nicolas Barbot, University Grenoble Alpes, Grenoble INP, LCIS, France
Gianfranco Andia Vera, Blackbear Ltd., UK)

Continuous Wireless Power Transfer Tracking using Perfect Pulse Pilot Beams
Kaitlyn Graves, Gregory Durgin (Georgia Tech, USA)

Performance Evaluation of RFID Tag Antennas for Automated Inventory of Nuclear Containers
Moisés Felipe Silva, Marian Anghel, Brendon Parsons, Alessandro Cattaneo (Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA)

Evaluating Scalability of a Large-Scale Bi-static Backscatter Network
Kartik Patel, The University of Texas at Austin, USA, Junbo Zhang, Carnegie Mellon University, USA, John Kimionis, Lefteris Kampianakis, Michael Eggleston, Jinfeng Du (Nokia Bell Labs, USA)

Reducing Reference Points for Millimeter-Precision RFID Tag Localization in Building Structures
Guoyi Xu, Edwin Kan (Cornell University, USA)

Low-Power, Retrodirective Tunneling RFID Tag Design with Rat-Race Coupler and Reflection Amplifiers
Christopher Saetia, Gregory Durgin (Georgia Tech, USA)

Power Optimized Near-Ground Radio Frequency Sensor Systems for Soil Sensing
Mersedeh Najishabahang , University of Maine & Wise Net Lab, USA), Ali Abedi (University of Maine, USA)

Design and Testing of Power-Optimized Waveforms on Next-Generation Passive RFID Tags
Vishnu Sivampeta , Lauren Yao, Katja Maywood, Dharshan Senthilkumar, Christopher Saetia, Gregory Durgin (Georgia Tech, USA)

Characterizing Stability of Bulk Nanobubbles in Micro-gravity Using Radio Frequency and Optical Identification
Arman Kiani, Kenneth Mensah, Onur Apul, Ashanthi S Maxworth , Ali Abedi (University of Maine, USA)

Integration and Performance Evaluation of RFID Readers for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
Pavel Stasa, Filip Benes (VSB – Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic), Lukas Vojtech (Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic), Miroslav Bohac, Vit Cilecek (GABEN, Czech Republic)

Side-channel Sensing for Integrated Sensing and Backscatter Communication
Taotao Wu, Yuxiao Zhao (Fudan University, China), Kuanfeng Tang , Hao Min (State Key Lab of ASIC & System, Fudan University, China)

Enhancing RFID Security through Integrated Physical Unclonable Functions and Lightweight Cryptography
Yeong-Kang Lai, Yi-An Chen (National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan)

High-Efficiency Directed Miniature 915 MHz Group Antenna for Autonomous Sensors
Christoph Wittig, Jens Passoke, Sascha Jakoblew, Metin Kizilarslan, Jannis Winnefeld (Hochschule Hannover, Germany)